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January 2017

McAtee Environmental Services

Serving Southern Michigan



This is a Type 2 water systems oversight compliance management company for testing pursuant to Michigan P.A. 399.


Our Certified Water Operator is Certified by the State of Michigan.


A Certified Water Operator inspects the facility and ground origination source, checking for any potential contamination or cross contamination locations. This inspection also exposes the potential ‘Backflow’ issues and initiates action to correct it.


Next, the taking of samples and testing for contaminates according to a 3 year testing schedule is performed. 


Example:  As of April 1, 2015 all Type 2 systems are required to test for Bacteria’s every calendar quarter.  These tests musts be collected by a Certified Water Operator and submitted to a Certified Laboratory by the State of Michigan for testing.


There are many other tests that are required by the State and a Certified Water Operator must perform them.


McAtee Environmental works at maintaining compliance at McAtee Organic Farms Artesian Spring Water

and several other Type 2 Water Systems.


We are available for additional 'Type 2 Water Systems' in Michigan to assist in maintaining water quality.

Please contact our office regarding obtaining this service on a calendar year basis.


We also do testing for Residential.  Residential testing is required in real estate transactions.  Testing a residential source can be less stringent as the requirements are not as demanding.  We can discuss those options with the owner or buyer, or both.

"Safe Drinking Water is Our Mission"

Contact Information: 517-914-1565